trickle. zine
trickle. is an international art and culture magazine based in the Netherlands. It showcases the work of aspiring and established creative artists around the globe, introduces you to what is happening in the world of art and culture and brings the game changers to the attention of the reader. This artist run magazine is combining artistic fascinations and curiosities and presents it in combination with the content that matters.

The reason trickle. is here is the exclusiveness of the visual imagery and protest against ma(gazine)instream ideas and concepts of the typical magazine. It is not your usual mass manufactured product made by machinery, it is a hand bound piece of art itself made with dedicated attention.

trickle. is showing works of various artists in a bold and raw manner, bringing the charisma of each and one of them into the spotlight.
trickle. issues 0 & 1 are available online
issue 1
Creators: Jekaterina Suharenko, Kamile Grusauskaite, Monika Balu, Dima Bondarenko
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