My journey in human-centred design has started in 2019 when I begun Interaction Design Masters program at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Before becoming an interaction designer I have obtained BA in Contemporary Arts (Fine Arts) in the Netherlands. I consider myself as an emerging designer, who is hungry for learning as much as possible about design world and become a skilled professional who will help and guide people to the path of better experiences in human-computer interaction.

Being an artistic soul since my very being combined with a hyper empathy to the world drove my dedication in creative fields. I love to collaborate with people from various backgrounds (diversity rules!), develop mutual concepts and feel that I am part of a bigger picture, creating services, products, visions, experiences that change people's mindset, lifestyle, mood and the way they interact with the world.

I want to grow further as a creative mind and combine it with collaboration with other professionals in the design industry and beyond, since I believe that mutual work makes people less biased, but more inclusive, out-of-the-box thinkers and versatile. I choose to be a designer because I love to be around like-minded people, who want to change the world to a better place (not only for humans, but for the planet Earth too).
You can find my resume here
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