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I have a passion for fusing various visual elements and materials, making intricate works, rich with decorative patterns, charged with delight and excitement. The artworks are distinct with color, festivity, and are filled with an immense amount of detail, which aims at overwhelming the beholder from the very start. Playing with contrast and showcasing a playful and joyful attitude towards creating art. Although at first glance, it to be beautiful chaos, the organic structures give a chance to create meaning drawing from the visual form and allowing a spectrum of interpretation deriving from the individual.
The most core element in the work is the sense of aesthetic beauty, which comes in twofold: artificial and natural beauty, the man-made and the organic. I carry a deep interest in the way organic elements hold vividness and dynamics within them. More specifically, the living organisms that always move, change, grow, interacting with one another, creating new organisms stand at the center of my fascination. This is reflected by the vivid, closely synthetic colors and decorative nature-oriented adornment in the works of art, which intertwine in space within the work. The work expresses the paradoxical conflict/compromise relationship between the two branches of beauty that are characteristic of the postmodern world.

With this, my aim is to give the viewer a space to come at peace while experiencing the work of art. Maybe even get inspired to grow, to perform an act of kindness, and in that way create a ripple effect leading the world to become a better place. This is the causal effect I intend with the paradise-like atmosphere that is depicted within the utopian paintings and installations.
What occupies my artistic practice are the choices of mediums, techniques, and styles, that serve the purpose of creating a distinct space for the viewer to be faced with enormous vibrance fluidity. In a while, the visuals come to life.
Being a hybrid, mixed media artist, I make use of a wide range of materials (acrylics, ink, nail polish, textile, pastels, different kinds of glitter, and crystals). The color range varies from very dark to bright, interlacing with many tones and color combinations, diverse forms, and patterns.
There can never be too many decorative patterns and ornaments, as they are the basis of my oeuvre, with emphasis on the meaning of an artwork, making it more attractive. The urge to invite and overwhelm spectators with a jungle of complexity: bringing together a variety of visual elements, intertwined with adorning patterns, visual harmony, and anarchy of separate elements that coexist together in order. The term "amor infiniti" plays an important role in my works. Displaying the virtuosity in filling every area with unimaginably complex configurations, showing to the beholder an abundant imagination and order in complexity and layering.
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