Reimagining food consumption through the treasures of the Baltic sea
We boldly predict that within thirty years of time eating will be only meant for pleasure and indulgence.

Thus, we look to create an algae-based product that liberates humans from the eating routine and food from providing nutrition, which brings various side benefits to over-consumption, food waste, and global warming.

project general info
PROJECT : bioDESIGN challenge PROJECT ( WITH Kärt Ojavee, Annika Kaldoja and marie Vihmar


Starting point
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starting point
Living objects are in our everyday, what if we carry them as living things?

Ancient humans lived by hunting for meat and collecting fruits. Survival largely depended on food source. Later on, as human began to farm, populations exploded. First human civilizations emerged.

Nowadays with the advanced food technology, ready-made food such as cans, microwave food and instant meals greatly reduces time spent on food preparation and provides for a higher concentration on intellectual activities. From which we can see the time humans spend on preparing food decides the time for intellectual activities, thus the development of civilisation. Following this trend, we speculate a future without food consumption for basic daily need.

As we proceeded with the research of living organisms, we found interesting the way how different forms of life interact between each other. We all are parts of a bigger picture - The Ecosystem. Our motive is to explore the relationships that some of the organisms have between each other, in particular Lichen, which is composed of fungus and algae, where the symbiosis allows fungus and algae to survive through harsh weather. So we wonder whether this mechanism can be applied onto human skin on which algae can live and provide the nutrition for human body.

This very idea of this intimacy between two different species was a turnpoint for our ideation process. If we talk about intimacy and how to connect it with the human race, we immediately thought of jewellery as our product has a close connection with human body since thousands years ago. As we wanted to proceed with the Jewellery making, we started to research the factors that influence it. As our research went further, we found ourselves interested in how jewellery could represent a specific social group and how people wear it.
As a millennial generation, we are the ones that face the impact of our previous generations and see the Earth coming apart. We feel the need to fix other people's mistakes and create a change in the consumption and behavioral patterns. Our mission was to create a product that will form a community of people that are consiousious about the environment,who care for the future generation and the nature.

The act of wearing jewellery shows an intimate relationship between the object and human. Moreover, object also acts as a reminder of what's going on in nature that somehow raises people's awareness towards environmental issues and acts as a conversation starter. We would like to create a close connection between the algae and the human. We believe that in our world is on the cliff of the global changes, and those changes would need to be implemented in all the spheres of human life. We need to find ways to connect with our environment.
What is "Power A for Gourmet" ? A for Algae. Algae stands for energy and power and according to. Gourmet is a person who enjoys interesting taste experiences and who enjoys choosing, eating and drinking them. We imagine a new way of diet with the aid of algae. The idea stems on three aspects: global Food trend, Symbiosis with nature and Jewellery as ornament.
Algae was seen as something not gooey and not pleasant, but its potentials to be beneficial to our life have been slowly discovered in 2000s, as it is widespread, biodegradable, possibly nutritional.

Despite its unappealing look, our intention is to conceive another possible application of algae's advantage to out life, making it acceptable and useful to the people. By taking the algae and implementing it into our idea, we want to create a sustainable solution to food consumption to support a healthy and sustainable life. We believe with its abundant energy and nutrition, it can give shape to a new way of diet in the future.
why is it related to our life?

How to blend body and algae? We both, algae and human kind are consider a plague, can we save each other? In this common world we share with algae,we have come to a moment where epidermis is the new border and the boundaries have to be protected. How about to protect between each other?
Power- A started by the act of playing around with several components as corn starch, water, spirulina, eco colorants, rice powder and gelatin. We did some tests and recipes, by adding various amounts of the products mentioned above. The outcomes you can see above. Those experiments were helpful for our project as it gave us an insight on how to visualizethe final product and make it look realistic.
A new food diet with algae-based transdermal patch. "Power-A for Gourmet" will give you enough vital nutrition and vitamins for 24h. The algae-based transdermal patch that can be customized in any shape or pattern so that the user would feel connected to it. With Power-A you will not lose any time, it will easily blend in with your skin within 6' and provide the power for your body and mind. The price of the algae patches would be affordable since we aim at inclusivity. Apply your Power-A after a steam bath to open your pores. How? It will take 3 minutes to act. While your skin remains humid it is the precise time to stick the patch.
how would it work
the power-a nutrients, with the size nanoparticles (5 nm–10 μm), will go directly to your blood system and give you the stamina you need for a day. the algae transdermal patch is made out of 5 layers.

1) the upper layer would be a protective and waterproof one, that will prolong the time the algae is staying on the patch and make the feel of it more pleasant (as latex)

2) the second layer would be a mixture of microalgae that provide necessary components to the human body (varies its colour)

3) the third layer is a substrate that will provide a soil for algae wellbeing and growing. at the same time the fiber substrate will provide a shelter structure for the algae to stay safe in between

4) and the fourth layer is the bridge to take nutritions from algae and a substance that opens the pores

5) the last layer (the one attached to skin) is natural adhesive, hydrocolloid (acrylates, the adhesive used in plaster bandages)
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