Cleveron for Circular Economy
waste, circular economy, linear economy, shared economy, urban mining, future trends, biomimicry, speculative design, landfills
design for social innovation, service design, participation rates,interpersonal relationships, interdependence, public health pyramid, prevention, social epidemiology models
service design, value proposition canvas, impostor syndrome, students, feeling of making an impact, applying your own vision to the field, lack of experience, safe space for learning
tangible design, booking a room, paper prototyping, hight-fidelity prototyping, 3D modeling, physical product, laser cutting, user testing, breaboard,arduino, sensors, coding
Reimagining the Service of Colon Cancer Screening
Making Booking Services Tangible
Reflecting on the Nature of Meaningful Work
Speculating on the Future of Food:
Algae Transdermal Patch
baltic sea, algae, conceptualization, speculative design, futures design, speculative design, sustainable development goals, nutrition, modernization
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