Exploring the field of E-learning together with Lingvist.
course : digital product design in collaboration with Lingvist and DUX design agency

challenge : How might Lingvist help to motivate people early on in their journey to better ensure that their well-meaning initial intent becomes a healthy and productive habit?

tools : User interviews, Figma, key insights, desktop research, user flows

team members : just me

I wanted to enhance what Lingvist already has and does so well - vocabulary learning. By making this experience more personalised, surround the user with cultural and social aspects of the language, dependent on the country where this language is spoken I believe that the user would find himself or herself more interested in multicultural aspects as well as becoming more curious about the language they are learning through Lingvist. By creating this atmosphere of a lively language, that has music, innovations, cuisine, stories and more importantly people, the user would feel more connected to the language and therefore a more efficient learning experience would be provided.

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