The initial idea was to motivate Tallinn people to have a healthy lifestyle throughout the year, doesn't matter which season it is. Adding a "personal touch" on the environment of the city, making it more vibrant, colourful and fun. By doing VÄRV (project name) everyone can become a part of the city.
project :

challenge : How might we make tallinn healthier ?

Tools : interview data, adobe illustrator, adobe premiere pro, user testing

team members : jete marie vürmer, francesco duc

what i have learned : how to conduct interviews on the street.
bootlegging TECHNIC. ux way on looking at the issue, design principles, ideation, prototyping experience.

what was difficult : was difficult to come up with an idea at first

We started by talking with people from the city, to collect valuable opinions about health: what is healthy for the people, how do they work on it, and so on. We defined a pattern in the conversations, thanks to which we found several keywords (creativity, frustration dark weather, effort, overthinking). We identified a "value", adjustability, around which we started our reflection.

Therefore we defined our design challenge as follows: "How to help Tallinn people keep a healthy routine in poor weather." We found out that the shift in the weather can be difficult to deal with for Tallinn inhabitants, as they need to adjust their lifestyle and routine to changes. We were inspired not only by the people but also by other sources. E.g. coloring books for adults, and Ferdinand Cheval's "Palais Idéal".

Thereafter, we sketched the idea and prototyped some rough version of it, to receive feedback from users in the street and our colleagues and mentors. We received positive feedbacks and useful insights and opinions to continue and define more details. It has also been effective to try out existing drawing apps while traveling on public transportation, to live the experience as a possible user.

As our target group, we focused on commuters, in particular, the ones who feel stressed and overwhelmed. We saw commuting as an opportunity to intervene in the delicate transition between home and public life. Also, the commuting experience is typically negative, with boredom, stress, noise, crowd. Our idea is to initiate commuters to exploit the time in public transport mindfully, by coloring. Every day Tallinners can color a new black and white object that they can notice and collect from the screen at the bus stop. At the end of the commute, users can share their artwork on the bus stop's screen. By doing so everyone can participate in creating a shared graffiti and to bring colors and light to Tallinn during the dark season.

We make Tallinn healthier by initiating mindful commute throughout the year.

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