Virtual Reality will probably play a significant role in the future of communication and our way of interacting with the reality, our bodies and mind
What if VR would become the main medium of communication in 2050?
Innovative Design course in a partnership with Foresight Centre of the Estonian Parliament

project : speculative design course in partnership with foresight center of the estonian parliament

challenge : research the topic of future of retirement in 2050. what are the plausible SCENARIOS that we should take into account ?

Tools : interview data, steep analysis, future trends, research, prototype building, scenario

team members : carol kottisse, mihkel arold

what i have learned : writing scenarious \ using various analyses to reflect on a certain challenge through the prism of diverse fACTORS THAT WOULD INFLUENCE THE FUTURE AS WELL AS THE SOLUTION PROPOSITION ITSELF

what was difficult :

personal goals : explore the field of speculative design \ see how other participants reflect on nowadays and future opportunities \ wanted to bond with my team mates \ a field where i can thik 'outside the box' \ work together with a partner organization

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